Discover a More Meaningful Life


I strongly believe that people are complex and unique social beings that crave connection and intimacy with others, and that this need to belong, to be “seen and heard” is so imperative to overall health and wellness. I also believe that the relationship one has with the self is the basis upon which we build all other relationships. And I know it sounds cliché but that means loving yourself first – and that means loving who you are now, not the idealized version of who you want to be. There is lots of time to work towards goals, and bettering yourself and your life, but first learn to be ok with who you are in this moment – you may realize that sometimes what you think you want to be is only a reflection of what you think you should do or what others may want for you.

As you acquire a better understanding of your own mind, thoughts, emotions, feelings, body sensations, reactions, and behaviours, you will find yourself better equipped to make life decisions that are in alignment with your authentic self. And as you start to love and honour yourself, it will become easier to open up to the world, to the opportunities and possibilities around you. Although Coaching is a deeply personal journey, it has the capacity to bring about positive change in a much bigger sense. It is only with love and understanding of ourselves that the fear which separates us from others’ dissolves.

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