Is Life Coaching For Me?

YES! If any of this resonates with you:

  • You understand the value in investing in yourself – though there may be times of doubt, deep down you know that you are worth it
  • You realize that lasting positive change does require effort and only happens over longer periods of time – (the brain has an amazing ability to change/re-wire itself (neuroplasticity), but it doesn’t happen overnight)
  • You’re open to tuning in and really listening, to consider new perspectives and try new things without specific expectations
  • You’re willing to dig deep at times, be in the moment and really feel what arises – without avoiding, masking/numbing pain
  • You want to spend less time trying to ’’fix’’ the things you don’t like about yourself and shift focus to discovering what you love (what brings you happiness and feeds your passion), where your strengths are, and how to spend more time doing that instead
  • You believe that love and happiness emerge out of deeply connected relationships and life experiences that help you discover your own inner strength, wisdom and ultimately a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life
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