What is Life Coaching? / About Coaching With Me

Life Coaching is a strategy that provides tools for cultivating self-awareness and personal growth, and to develop greater satisfaction and meaning in life. It is an empowering goal-focused process which allows an individual to draw upon personal strengths to seek fulfillment and to truly thrive in life.

The Life Coach-Client relationship is built upon trust, and working with someone that you can honestly and completely open up to is the most important aspect of Coaching – it is an area where qualities of care and compassion, curiosity, open mindedness and empathy really matter.

I know that a journey of personal growth and self-awareness requires the courage to be vulnerable, and also how profoundly healing it is to share ourselves, our stories, our dreams. Part of what I do as a Life Coach is to provide the safe and comfortable space to get started… to release into, let go of, and just BE. From there, I will provide guidance and support on your journey, with deep listening and powerful questioning, providing tools, offering ideas, suggestions and perhaps a new perspective. All of which will help you gain a real understanding of who you are (your authentic self), and how to move forward in life with more purpose and passion.

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